Young QB's shine at the Top 40 QB Camp series.

Jan 24, 2024

Young QB's shine at the Top 40 QB Camp series

The Top 40 QB Camp series is always an exciting event for football fans in the Tampa bay area. This year's camp did not disappoint, as several quarterbacks showcased their skills and left a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.

One standout performer at the camp was (Carrollwood Day) Jordan Magwood 6'0" 192  a highly touted prospect from Tampa. Magwood displayed incredible arm strength and accuracy, making difficult throws look effortless. His poise and decision-making abilities were also on full display, earning him praise from coaches and fellow players.

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Magwood was recently Offered by: Dartmouth University

Another quarterback who turned heads at the camp was Joel Morris 6'2" 186 (Lake Gibson) Morris athleticism and football IQ were evident as he effortlessly maneuvered the field, making precise throws and showing great awareness in the pocket. 

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Morris has Offers from: Ole Miss & UAB

One of the most impressive aspects of the camp was the camaraderie among the quarterbacks. Despite being in direct competition with each other, they supported and encouraged one another throughout the event. This sense of unity and sportsmanship was truly inspiring to witness.

Throughout the camp, the quarterbacks underwent rigorous training and received valuable coaching from seasoned professionals. They honed their skills in various drills and simulated game situations, allowing them to showcase their abilities under pressure.

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The Top 40 QB Camp series is not just about individual performances; it also provides a platform for quarterbacks to learn from each other and grow as players. The opportunity to interact with peers who share the same passion and ambition is invaluable and can have a significant impact on their development.

*Other Notable Quaterbacks worth noting that performed well at the camp:

* 2025  Dylan Nahra 6'0" 195  Countryside High school  showed ability to throw on the run (Just recieved an Offer from Webber International)

* 2027 Karon Palmer 6'0" 150 Lake Minneola Threw for 1200 yds and 19Tds as a freshman

*2027 Kai Moore 6'0" 180 Miami Norland Smooth throwing motion accurate and efficient with every throw

* 2026 Gavin Garlish 5'10" 190 Osceola High a load with the ball in his hands. Makes plays with his arms and legs. Once he puts it together he can be dangerous.

*2026 Nicholas Cavazza 6'0" 185 River ridge poised in the pocket and made throws look easy! 

*2025 Eli Chames 6'0" 180 Berkely Prep was QB2 on the state championship team also plays Safety. Most likely looking to be QB1 in the fall

*2025 Blake Johnson 6'0" 185 Bartow High Strong arm QB with great potential, has a big year ahead of him.

* 2026 jaylen White 6'0" 165 Clearwater High - May have been the surprise of the day! Came away with high praise from the coaches

Jaylen did some impressive things at the camp! He surprised a lot of coaches at the camp!