Young Arms Learning on the Fly!

Green Zone Staff
Jun 20, 2024By Green Zone Staff

Written By: Green Zone Staff 

The Midwest bus tour was packed with top prospects from the Bay Area's surrounding high schools, and beyond most of whom were entering their sophomore to senior years. In addition to the high schoolers, the bus tour also included some of the most talented middle school Quarterbacks!

*Quarterback Braylon Cave Jr |QB| 2029|@Bmax_thedux

teamwork, only.

Braylon Cave Jr., the talented quarterback from Ocala, FL, has already become a household name around the country, and he's only entering 8th grade! He has firmly established himself as one of the best quarterbacks among high schoolers. Cave has a wealth of experience on the big stage, having worked with some of the best QB trainers in the country. He confidently promotes his brand and possesses all the skills of a future star. Braylon effortlessly showcased his arm at the camp, performing at the level of the best quarterbacks on the bus. He has already captured the attention of college coaches, stay tuned as this young man is destined for greatness!

Quarterback Rajon Jones|QB| 2028| @rajan_jones

american football

Jones conducted himself like a true professional during the trip. He consistently arrived on time for all the meetings and was always well-prepared, serving as an exemplary role model for the other student-athletes. His performance on the field was also impressive. I had the opportunity to watch him during drills, and he consistently displayed remarkable accuracy in the majority of his throws. When I asked Jones what he gained from the bus tour, he confidently stated, "I absorbed the experience, engaged with different coaches, and garnered interest from several of them!" Jones is dedicated to elevating his game and is poised to sharpen his skill as a player because of it.

Beckam Bell |QB| 2029| @Beckamthebeast|

american football

Bell is a scrappy quarterback who thrives on competition and gives his all in everything he does. He has benefited greatly from the trip, learning the importance of discipline, punctuality, and perseverance, along with honing his skills on the field. His standout performance at UAB camp, completing all his passes and earning praise from the coaches, speaks to his potential. In our conversation, Bell expressed a strong desire to improve, acknowledging the need to refine his throwing technique and commitment to working harder. Bell embodies the type of player every coach desires – dedicated, hardworking, and constantly striving for improvement. His efforts will undoubtedly shine through on the field."

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