Secondary prospects turning up!

Jun 07, 2024By Green Zone Staff
Green Zone Staff

Stepping Up to the Challenge

During the first 6 days of the Midwest Bus Tour, commitment, grit, and consistency have been the order of business. This week, 2025 Safety Da'Mari Green (Lakewood)  and 2026 Athlete Mekell King (Sun Lake) clearly showed that they have what it takes to play big-time football.

Their back-to-back standout performances have become the talk of the bus! Both athletes were overdue for a breakout camp, and it finally happened for both at the right time. Their play at both the University of Cincinnati and Eastern Kentucky University camp has been what everyone was anticipating.

*Da'Mari Green | SAF | 2025 | Lakewood High | @14DamariGreen*

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Green's cocky demeanor and aggressive play earned him an Offer during the EKU Camp! (KCU-Extended an Offer)

Green's Impressive Play

Green has always been a standout prospect with good ball skills and an aggressive style of play as a defensive back. This week, he elevated his game to new heights by making critical plays that garnered significant attention from several small schools and coaches.

His quick feet, long frame, and remarkable agility were on full display. Green's ability to anticipate wide receiver movements and make plays on the ball left a lasting impression on the schools, positioning him at the top of their list.

King Coming up Clutch!

 King's recent camps have been filled with one big play after another. He is finally settling in and playing the way we always knew he could. Doubling as a wide receiver and defensive back, he's making interceptions and scoring touchdowns on the offensive end making it look routine. King has capitalized in making the most of his opportunities.

*Mekell King| ATH | 2026 | Sun Lake High | @KingMekell*

grayscale photo of boys football team in front of coach
26 ATH Mekell King (no.22) has turned it up a notch and has the bus going nuts over his recent camp performances

What's Next?

With only a few camps remaining for both,  prospects  they are extremely motivated and fully prepared to tackle the upcoming challenge. They are determined to put in the necessary work to secure an offer.

 Green and King, has the entire bus on another level and they want them to  match their level, creating a positively charged atmosphere on the bus!

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