Pinellas County Athletes transfer to new schools.

Jan 21, 2024

Pinellas County has seen a recent surge in athletes transferring to new schools. This trend has raised questions about the motivations behind these transfers and the potential impact on both the athletes and their new teams.

One of the primary reasons for these transfers is the pursuit of better athletic opportunities. Many athletes are seeking to join programs with a track record of success or to play under renowned coaches who can help them develop their skills and potentially attract college scouts.

Pinellas County athletes transfer
3 star ATH Sean Cuono transfers to Clearwater Central Catholic making it two prime players as Josh Robinson also left out to Carrollwood Day!

Another factor driving these transfers is the desire for a fresh start. Some athletes may feel that a change of environment will provide them with new challenges and opportunities for growth, both on and off the field.

                                 ****"Developing News!"****

* In recent developments another Big time athlete could be on his way out and headed to a prominat powerhouse in the county. Stay tuned as I wait for confirmation to drop the player and where he's going!

Recent Transfers:

* Josh Robinson WR (Calvary Christian) Transfer -to-Carollwood Day School (Tampa)

* Armani Sullivan ATH (Lakewood ) Transfer-to-Boca Ciega High

*Jeremiah Smith Saf (Northeast) Transferred-to-Sumner High

* Colin Cervoni WR (Largo) Transferred-to-Seminole High

* Alex Cubba C (Lakewood) Transferred-to-CCC

* Mario Plummer QB (Northeast) Transferred-to-Lakewood

                                       - January 30th 2024-

* Dontrez Young ATH (Gibbs) Transferred-to-Boca Ciega High

*Dylan Nahra QB (Countryside) Transferred-to-Boca Ciega High

Jeremiah Jones our No 1 safety heads to Sumner High leaving the door open for the No 1 spot in Pinellas County at the safety position.

As the trend of athletes transferring to new schools continues to unfold, it raises important questions about the evolving landscape of high school sports in Pinellas County. It also prompts discussions about the role of schools, coaches, and governing bodies in guiding and regulating these movements.