Middle School QB's hot at Top 40 QB Camp Series.

Jan 24, 2024

Every year, the Top 40 QB Camp Series brings together some of the most promising young quarterbacks from around the state (FL). This year, the middle school division has been turning heads with their impressive skills and big arms. These young QBs are proving that age is just a number when it comes to talent and potential.

middle school quarterbacks

The Rise of Middle School Quarterbacks

It's no secret that football is a sport dominated by older, more experienced players. However, the Top 40 QB Camp Series is changing the game by giving middle school quarterbacks a chance to showcase their abilities. These young athletes are taking advantage of this opportunity and making a name for themselves in the process.

             " Our Game Changers"

Here are our Top 10 Quarterbacks:

1. Braylon Cave Jr- Our Overrall Top QB showed flashes of greatness and already is competing with the High school QB's! He's the head of the class. This kid will be elite!

Cave Jr stole the show and lit up the camp!

2.Oscar Sloan- Was on point most of the day of the camp and had a high IQ when it came to board work. Usually that leads to high percent and high volume passing

3.Jackson Currie- Displayed good anticipation and great ball placement at the camp.

4.Bentley "B-Money" Delune - A gunslinger with moxy, I love this young man's swagger. He has that it factor that he makes the players around him better.

5. Riley Collins- Turned heads and wowed the coaches in each rep.

6.Kayden Antonpoulos-One of our standouts he was in the top QBs when it came down to our top 10. 

7. Kreg Brown- One of my favorites, made throws look easy and showed the ability to put the ball on the wr's on time.

8.Dylan Szych-A QB that is climbing the ranks look for this young man in the net few years!

9.Aiden Alexander- Very poised and has all the tools to be great, I like what he brings to the table.

10.Eric Hopson- Hopson was right up there with the rest. Has the skills to be one of the top Qbs in the area for his age group.

Competition and Camaraderie

While the Top 40 QB Camp Series is a competitive environment, there is also a strong sense of camaraderie among the middle school quarterbacks. These young athletes push each other to be better, but they also support and encourage one another. They understand that they are all on the same journey and that their success is not measured by individual achievements, but by the growth of the group as a whole.

The young QBs are next in line to be the next great signal callers

In conclusion, the middle school quarterbacks participating in the Top 40 QB Camp Series are making waves with their impressive skills and big game play. Their dedication to training,the grind , and the guidance of their coaches are key factors in their success. As these young QB's continue to grow and develop, they are shaping the future of football and inspiring others to chase their dreams. Shout to the Quarterback house and all the other programs that help develop these great young men.