Jershaun Newton Commits to Illinois Fighting Illini

Jul 05, 2024By Green Zone Staff
Green Zone Staff

 Jershaun Newton Commits (#Fighting Illini) Big 10

Clearwater, (FLA) Jershaun Newton, (Clearwater Central Catholic) Quarterback, has committed to the Illinois Fighting Illini. Newton's big play ability on the field has caught the attention of many college programs, but he chose Illinois over the likes of Famu, Mississippi State, NC State, Ole Miss, UCF, USF, South Carolina, Tulane, Indiana, Pitt, Louisville, Miami (FL).

Newton's commitment brings excitement to the Illinois football fan base. Fans and the coaching staff alike are stocked to see how he will contribute to his freshman season once he arrives in champagne (ILL). His decision reflects his confidence in the program and a chance to play in the Big 10.

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High School Achievements

Newton still has a year left in high school to finish his already impressive career. He played a significant role in his team's consecutive state title appearances and has, achieved an undefeated regular season, and received multiple accolades (Player of the year, 1st Team All-GZP Team. PMHG, All-Conference)

Newton Stats: 

22-23 (Soph) : Pass yds: 2,219| 23 Tds- Rush yds 1,355| 15 Tds 

23-24 (Jr): Pass yds: 2,084| 14 Tds- Rush yds 1,020|13 Tds

Total: Pass yds 4,304  37 Tds -Rush yds 2,375 |28 Tds * Several yds not accounted

Newton's high school coach (Chris Harvey) praised his uncanting work ethic and leadership. He makes everyone around him better, these qualities will serve him well as he make the transition to the next level. His high school achievements  has set the stage for what he can accomplish at the next level.

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Why Illinois?

Newton had several reasons for choosing Illinois. He felt at home there, especially with his frequent trips to Champagne, which made it feel like a second home to him. For the last 3 years, Newton has enjoyed watching his older brother, Jer'Zhan Newton, play for the Illini. Recently, Jer'Zhan was selected by the Washington Commanders in this year's NFL Draft in the 2nd round, and this may have influenced Newton's decision.

The coach's plan for him at Illinois also played a role in his decision. Newton is a versatile athlete who can play on either side of the ball. Moreover, Newton values his education and wants to pursue a degree that will benefit him in the long term. Illinois offers the balance of athletics and academics he was looking for.

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Looking Ahead

As Newton gears up for the Marauders' season, he is laser-focused on his goals. His sights are set on making a strong push for another state championship, determined to bring home the trophy this time. He is committed to leaving no stone unturned in contributing to the team's success in every possible way.

The upcoming season will undeniably mark a pivotal period for his growth and development as a player. Although Newton's journey from high school standout to college athlete is just about to unwind, he is preparing with the utmost confidence and determination, already envisioning his success. His commitment to Illinois will began new chapter. Both he and the Illinois football family eagerly anticipate the promising future that lies ahead.

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