Dillion Bryant Impresses at UAB Camp

Jun 02, 2024By Green Zone Staff
Green Zone Staff

Dillion Bryant Impresses at UAB Camp

Dillion Bryant, a 6'2" 230-pound rising DE/OLB from Venice High, stood out as the most dominant defensive prospect on the first day of the 9-day camp of the Midwest Bus tour. The bus made its first stop at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB).

Throughout the camp, Dillion quietly handled business, utilizing his speed and power off the ball. His power and quick burst in every drill were consistent with each repetition. Bryant is making a name for himself as a standout player that you need to know.

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One coach remarked, "Dillion has a natural talent that is hard to find. His performance at the camp was nothing short of impressive." This praise highlights Dillion's potential to succeed at higher levels of competition.

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Dillon Bryant (Venice High School) was the standout Player of the day at the UAB Camp on the defensive side of the ball!

Dillion's impressive performance at the UAB camp has not gone unnoticed, impressing both players and coaches. Currently, schools like D3 Albion College has reached out to him, along with several other small schools.

Bryant is focused on continuing to put in the work and participating in more camps with the clear goal of securing an offer and excelling at the collegiate level. Stay tuned for further updates on Dillion and other emerging talents from the Midwest Bus retreat, as the next camp is at Vanderbilt University!

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