3 wide receivers to keep an eye on from the Top 40 QB Camp.

Jan 25, 2024

(Trinty) FL Every year, the Top 40 QB Camp showcases some of the most promising high school quarterbacks in the state. However, it's not just the QBs who steal the show. The camp also provides a platform for talented wide receivers to shine.  We'll take a look at three wide receivers who stood out at the camp and are worth keeping an eye on.

1. Austin Ho-Calvary Chrisitian

Austin Ho, a junior from Calvary Chrisitian,(Clearwater) FL. He turned heads at the Top 40 QB Camp with his exceptional speed and route-running abilities. Standing at 5'6", Ho is often over looked, due to his size, however he is quick as a hiccupp and uses a combination of speed and agility, making him a formidable threat on the field. His performance at the camp caught the attention of several coaches, and he's definitely a player to watch in the upcoming season.

**Stats (2023):** 52 receptions, 769 yards, 13 touchdowns

high school wide receiver

2. Bryce Backus-Mitchell High

Don't be fooled by his name "Backus" is a force to be reckoned with on the football field. This standout receiver from Mitchell High School (New Port Richey) FL displayed remarkable hands and a natural instinct for finding open spaces during the camp. His impressive footwork and ability to create separation from defenders make him a top prospect for college programs looking for a dynamic playmaker.

**Stats (2023):** 56 receptions, 673 yards, 11 touchdowns 93 tkls 1FF

3. Steve Doletzky-Osceola High

Steve Doletzky, a junior from Osceola fundelmental High School,(Seminole) FL, left a lasting impression at the Top 40 QB Camp with his physicality and strong hands. At 6'1" and 165 pounds, Doletzky has the size and strength to dominate smaller DB's and make contested catches. His performance at the camp solidified his status as one of the top performing wide receivers at the camp.

**Stats (2023):** 19 receptions, 203 yards, 2 touchdowns

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These three high school wide receivers have proven themselves as standout performers at the Top 40 QB Camp, and their skills and potential have put them on the radar of colleges across the bay area. As the upcoming high school football season approaches, all eyes will be on these talented athletes as they continue to make waves in the world of high school football.