Top 40 Camp Series Quarterbacks.

Jan 20, 2024

                   "Notable Top 40 Camp Series Quarterbacks" 

As the Top 40 camp approaches, all eyes are on the upcoming talent at the quarterback position. The Top 40 Camp Series will showcase some exceptional quarterbacks who have the potential to make a significant impact on the field. Let's take a closer look at some of the standout players attending this years camp series.

1. Cayden Thomas| Mitchell HS| 5'11" 165 - Rising Star  @Caydenthomas_

Cayden Thomas, a young quarterback with impressive accuracy and decision-making skills, has been turning heads at the 7v7 camp circuits. His ability to read defenses and deliver precise passes has earned him recognition as a top prospect for the upcoming season. He can also pull it and run. Thomas in my opinion has star status written all over him.

Stats: 2,175 pass yds 24 Tds 271 rush yds .607 comp %

football quarterback
Mitchell High School young phenom sensation-Thomas

2. Ennio Yapoor| Norland HS| 6'2" 200 - Breaking Barriers @EjayEnnio

 Ennion Yapoor has been making waves as one of the Top passer in the State. His strong arm and leadership qualities have garnered attention from scouts and coaches alike. Ennio will miss the camp as he will be take a visit to University of South Florida. Yapoor will most likely be the all-time career passing leader by the end of his senior season!

Stats: 5,063 Tot yds 42 Tds Career: 11,024 pass yds 91Tds 2,561 rush yds 33 Tds 13, 585 tot yds 124 Tot Tds

3.Jordan Magwood| Carrollwood Day HS| 6'0" 192 - Dual Threat @jordanmagwood9

Jordan Magwood has been making a name for himself as a dual-threat quarterback, showcasing his ability to both throw and run the ball effectively. His agility and quick decision-making on the field have positioned him as a player with immense potential at the quarterback position. He has Offers from Bucknell, EKU, Harvard.

Stats:2,177 pass yd 22Tds 234 rush yds 3 Tds

football player agility

4. Jayce Nixon| Venice HS| 6'0" 200- Arm Strength and Accuracy @jayce_Nixon_

Nixon has been impressing coaches and schools with his exceptional arm strength and pinpoint accuracy. Nixon's ability to make deep throws and thread the needle in tight coverage situations has set him apart as a top quarterback prospect in the state of florida.

Stats: 3,172 yds pass 29 Tds 114.7 pass rating 404 rush yds 5 Tds

5. Joel Morris | Lake Gibson HS| 6'2" 186- Field Vision and Leadership @1_Joel_Morris

Joel Morris exceptional field vision and leadership qualities have made him a standout performer at last years camp series. His ability to command the offense and make smart decisions under pressure has solidified his position as a top quarterback prospect for the upcoming season. With another year under his belt this young QB will be one the top signal callers in the state! He has Offers from Ole Miss, UAB

Stats:1,212 pass yd 10 Tds 7 ints 

football field vision

*Other Notable Players to Watch

QB Jaylen White | Clearwater HS| 6'0" 165 @Jaylen_White12

* Rising young QB who makes plays with arm and legs (1,847 pass yds 14 Tds 415 rush yds)

WR Jerry Thomas | Lakeland HS| 6'3" 190 @Jerrybeast2026

11 Ctch 104 yds  

WR Bryce Backus| Mitchell HS| 5'9" 165 @backusbryce2

56 rec 673 rec yds 11 Tds. 93 Tackles 3 punt blocks 1 Forced Fumble

These notable prospects from the Top 40 Camp Series are set to make a significant impact in the upcoming football season. Their diverse skill sets and exceptional talent promise an exciting season ahead as they take the field and showcase their abilities at tomorrows Top 40 Camp Series.